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Modular applications

AutoCoding Systems have developed modular software systems, which enable customers to choose a solution that can grow with their business.


Vision by itself can deteriorate into a line policeman causing too many nuisance line stops. Used correctly within AutoCoding it becomes a powerful tool to drive up coding and packaging compliance and quality standards.

Print Room

When packaging is printed off line, away from the packaging line, there is always a risk of the wrong packaging being issued to the line, the wrong date being entered or the use of pre-printed rogue packaging left on the line after the end of the job.

Offline print room gives greater auditable control over the printing and issuing of coded packaging, labels or stickers to the correct product line.


Autocoding Systems standard solutions can extend automatic traceability to include those materials issued and consumed at the packaging line itself with their accompanying coding and packaging control events.


Today there is a significant administration burden placed upon a factory’s QA function to capture evidence of compliant checks of product quality against specification. Often repeated signatures and samples of product and packaging are required to be kept as evidence of compliance and quality. AutoCoding Systems’ “paperless” quality module automates in-line/off-line QA processes with data capture and subsequent reporting.

Pallet Labelling System

Manufacturers often produce a variety of goods for different customers and it is, therefore, of paramount importance to ensure pallets of products are identified and labelled correctly. Auditable and controlled labelling of pallets, from different lines, with information such as batch code, order ID, line ID, SKU and SSCC18 information ensures compliance with the requirements of the EU Food Safety Regulation (EC) No 178/2002.